Halo to See Changes to Iconic Radar

The radar has been an iconic part of the franchise ever since the Halo: Combat Evolved days. Over the years, the radar has had a number of changes but it has mostly remained the same.

The trouble with this is that much of the rest of the Halo gameplay experience has evolved. The radar is now a little outdated and it certainly needs some more love to fit better with the gameplay available in Halo 5: Guardians.

343 Industries has finally started working on changes to the radar, and the new tweaks will soon be ready to test in an upcoming multiplayer playlist.

An official update post on Halo Waypoint mentioned, 'Nearly 16 months of player feedback and game data has driven some interesting internal explorations to alter the way the Motion Sensor functions in Halo 5. On Thursday, March 9, we will kick off a public test of this new Motion Sensor to gather player feedback and metrics to help determine if this has a potential place in Halo 5 going forward, as well as potential learnings and implications for future Halo FPS titles."

So far it's important to note that the changes that'll be viewable on March 9 are nothing more than a test, but the feedback taken from the test will help to shape the future of the motion radar in Halo games.

In the new test radar, things have been simplified and only non-silenced weapon fire and Spartan abilities like sprint, Spartan Charge, Ground Pound, Stabilize and Clamber will trigger the radar.