Evil Controllers History - CEO Adam Coe of Evil Controllers

The world of video games can get quite competitive, even when there are just bragging rights at stake. This is why a family owned business started in a dorm room at the University of Arizona is doing so well. Evil Controllers, which helps give gamers of all skill levels an edge, was started with help from a financial aid check. The current CEO, NAME, was only 19 years old at the time.

Today, the company employs twelve people and is on track for strong growth in the months and years ahead. By using the ability to program video games to their advantage, Evil Controllers is able to make sure their "modded" controllers work with the popular games, even when they're frequently patched. While some say the "rapid fire" triggers are "cheating," in the world of gaming, sometimes brains make up for brawn.

The Universal Modded Controllers at Evil Controllers are set-up to enable single shot and semi-automatic weapons to become fully automatic. As you might imagine, this is a game changer and gives players a distinct advantage on the battlefield, no matter their skill level. For those looking for a way to make modern, complicated games "fun" again, Evil Controllers offers modified controllers to enhance the gaming experience.

With products like their modded controllers and the new "evil sticks" and other products, Evil Controllers are pioneers in the rapidly growing video game industry. Back from E3, the company is keeping their controllers up to date for your popular video games, which is important. They are also hard at work making sure their universal modded controllers work with all the new, great video games that come out every month.