It's exciting news for any potential Smash esports players today because Hungrybox has confirmed he has quit his job to focus on Smash full-time.

Whilst it has been easier for esports players in other games to make a living, the Smash scene has not yet been lucrative enough in the past to support most players full time. Hungrybox's jump to full time Smash playing is great news to the scene and shows that prize pools and sponsorships are finally becoming large enough to sustain players.

Having enough money on the line to support players enough for them to be able to play full time will be incredibly important for the health of the Smash Bros scene and we'd hope to see more players follow suit soon.

Despite Hungrybox's insane ability as a smash player, he has always had to put his full time job first. Recently, Hungrybox was forced to choose between Smash Summit 3 and Big House 6 due a lack of remaining holiday time and this was the turning point for him.

Hungrybox mentioned on his Twitch stream that, "There comes a time when you have to choose what makes you happy." Hungrybox continued by asking, "Do I want to have maybe a little more money because I'm working a full time job and can save up that money, or do I want to have experienced everything that I truly want to experience?"

We're glad to see Hungrybox take this bold move in his Smash career. Hopefully it'll benefit him well.