Mobile Phone provider not doing so well service-wise

Bummer for you, iPhone users. According to a recent Consumer Reports study, AT&T is ranked the worst cell-phone carrier in the United States when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Consumer reports surveyed 58,000 readers, and of all major United States carriers, fell dramatically from last year and now ranks far behind all others. The detailed report has yet to be released, but, essentially, there was little chance for AT&T.

Ranking highest in customer satisfaction is U.S. Cellular (which, frankly, Id never even heard of), a small carrier in the South and the Midwest. Ranking next was the highly popular Verizon, which fell from first place last year but still held onto high regards from its users. Surprisingly, Sprint also tied at second with Verizon, despite low rankings in previous years and Verizon generally being the top ranked service provider over time.

The majority of AT&T users surveyed claimed to own iPhones, and, compared with other smartphone owners (such as Blackberry and Droid owners), reported to be significantly less satisfied.