Industry's biggest to make bigger changes

What is going on in the lead industry workplaces? Is it just me, or have some major companies been making some major changes? Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google will be stepping down from his role on April 4th. But, he is not leaving the company. Schmidt tweeted,Day-to-day adult supervision no longer needed! Meanwhile down at the HP headquarters 4 directors, Joel Hyatt, John Joyce, Robert Ryan and Lucille Salhany will all be stepping down. According to CNN it is due to wake of intense criticism and several shareholder lawsuits over how HP dismissed former CEO Mark Hurd. And to top off the major changes in companies, the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs is taking a medical leave. Jobs sent out a letter to all his employees explaining that he will remain CEO still, however Tim Cook will run the day to day operations. But, just in one day of Jobs announcing his leave, stocks dropped 2.25%.