Gaming News - Infamous Back and Better than Ever!

For gamers who enjoy free roaming and shocking enemies with their hands, wait no longer. Infamous 2 is coming out; Cole is back and stronger than ever.


Infamous 1 is about Cole acquiring his super powers and learning about what it means to be a superhero in an unnamed city. Infamous 2 will take the story further with Cole's journey as a superhero. The second game was given a definitive place, a new city called Marais, which is based on New Orleans. Cole heads to this city in search of a scientist who is believed to hold the key to defeating the dark entity. As Cole learns more and more, he must harness his powers to save mankind.

Sucker Punch seems to have kept a lot of the things fans loved in the first installment just made it better. Cole is still able free roam and has the ability to shock anything in his path. With the new game, of course come new powers for our friend. Cole is now able to pick up a car and launch it at someone. Once the truck is floating in the air and suspended by Cole's power, the player just targets whatever he/she wants to hit with the onscreen reticle.

The storyline for Infamous is very unique. Gamers have the options of following a good path or a dark one. It will be interesting to see what plot twist Sucker Punch threw in to this sequel. Comics and video games go hand and hand and it seems Infamous has been able to catch the magic that makes it work. Infamous 2 will come out some time in 2011.

Written by Evil Ambassador Caleb King