Injustice 2 to Feature Gear System

Fighting games can be highly competitive titles. They're so competitive, in fact, that even the smallest of balancing changes can make or break a player's viability at high-level play. For this reason, the newly announced Injustice 2 gear system is a little scary.

Injustice 2 will be getting a gear system that players will be able to follow as a sense of progression while playing. All of the cosmetic choices available with the gear options are exciting, and players will have to work hard to get some of the rarer items. The scary part is that these gear items do offer players with inherent bonuses.

Firstly, players will be able to improve their favorite character's base stats simply by leveling up over time. That's right, players that play for longer will not only have a higher skill level, but they'll also have a distinct in-game advantage. Injustice 2 will also support a loop drop system that will allow players to earn loot from finishing and winning games. The loot rewarded to players feature additional stats boosts.

The stats that players will be able to improve by leveling up characters or by equipping unlocked gear are strength, health, defense, and ability. Strength determines the amount of damage dealt, health determines the amount of health points, and defense determines the amount of damage that can be blocked out.

The final stat, ability, is a little different. This one affects how often a character can perform their special abilities. More special abilities can be equipped through the gear system as well.

Every last item provides some kind of stat boost, with rarer items providing more specific changes. Wearing an entire set of the the same items, for example, a headpiece, torso, legs, arms and unique character specific item from the same set will provide players with a set bonus.

So how does this system affect competitive play? The best solution the Injustice 2 developers have is the ability to switch off item and level bonuses when searching for online matches. For this reason, the game will most likely remain a system for casual players to get more involved with their favorite characters. High level and competitive play will most likely see the 'stats bonuses' feature switched off.