Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Details Shared

Mass Effect Andromeda is just around the corner and Bioware has been sharing content for the game like crazy. In the past couple of months we've had hours of gameplay footage uploaded to the Mass Effect Youtube channel, and now details about the multiplayer portion of Andromeda have been revealed.

So far we only have details we've managed to scrape from some Twitter images posted by Mass Effect producer Fernando Melo.

In Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer, players will have access to a character selection screen before they get immersed in the action. As opposed to having characters from the main storyline, the characters will be different species and classes. For example, players will have the chance to play as a Human male vanguard or a Krogan female infiltrator. Each class and species will have their own unique abilities and traits. Health and shield values will be different across class and species too.

There won't be a truck load of customization options for multiplayer, but players will be able to choose some options for their armor's appearance and the armor colors and patterns. Players will also be able to level up each available character individually. So far we're not sure what benefits leveling up will provide in Mass Effect Andromeda's multiplayer.

Unfortunately, the previously planned multiplayer beta for Mass Effect Andromeda has now been cancelled. This means that players will need to wait till March 21 to play Mass Effect Andromeda once it releases on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.