iron banner mode destinyThe Iron Banner mode in Destiny is a PVP game type that does not level out weapon stats to make an even playing field. Instead, players' weapons are left mainly untouched, which gives players with legendary and exotic weapons the ability to get an advantage over those with lower tiered weapons.

There is a lot of mixed thoughts on the Iron Banner mode in Destiny. Some players like the opportunity it gives them to try out their overpowered weapons on opponents, whilst others feel it completely removes the skill from the game.

Bungie have been listening to community feedback, and following on from this they have made some considerable changes to how the Iron Banner mode in Destiny will work going forward

Tyson Green, lead designer at Destiny shared some information on how the Iron Banner changes are taking place.

"The goal for level advantages in PvP had been to create relatively small advantages that would suffice only to tilt the balance between players of equal skill towards the player of greater achievement, expressed in terms of his gear," said Green. "But we now believe we have been too conservative, and that small tilts failed to meet anyone's expectations.
"In the next Iron Banner, we will debut a much more dramatic difference between players of wide variation in level."

Tyson also gave some information on rewarding players for sticking around losing games - "In the next Iron Banner, players will receive a Medallion of Iron on a loss. Upon their next win, each Medallion they carry will convert into a reputation gain almost equal to a win."