You will be happy to know that many Xbox Series S games are in for a performance boost. This is because Microsoft is making more memory available for the console, addressing game developers' complaints and gripes about memory limitations. There is no denying that Xbox Series S from Microsoft has been a breakthrough in the console market. It has been successful with the amount of sheer power packed in the smaller unit of the 2 next-generation machines from the company. Although it is inexpensive, the console isn't as powerful as other models, such as the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. The software kit for June enhanced the Xbox Series S's memory allocation as a workaround, allowing developers to create games more efficiently and quickly. This Microsoft initiative to give developers more memory control on Series S will likely improve graphical performance in some titles.

Addressing the Memory Limitations

You probably know that the Xbox Series S features a more than capable GPU and almost the same CPU as the Series X. However, keep in mind that unlike Microsoft's flagship gaming console — which boasts 16GB of RAM — the Series S just has 10GB of RAM. Still, just 8GB was available to game developers. The Xbox Series S' memory limitations have been irking game developers for a while now. The Xbox Series S was launched as a console capable of up to 1440p gaming at 120fps. However, many titles have only hit 1080p. Note that without the higher frame rates of the incredibly powerful Series X, developers have no option but to work with around 8GB of memory on the Xbox Series S. This is because Microsoft reserves about 2GB for OS tasks. This performance boost means that the upcoming Xbox title could see a boost in visual quality as well as run smoother because of technology that uses platform-specific optimizations.

New Software Development Kit Unleashes More Power for Game Developers

The memory constraints of the Xbox Series S have been troubling game developers for a while. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a CPU or GPU power issue. Keep in mind that memory constraints are the main culprit. This is why many players might have observed a disparity between first-party and third-party games on the Series S in the past. Microsoft freeing up more memory for developers is a step in the right direction. This will make it easier for developers to optimize games on the system. Also, Microsoft has improved overall performance for graphics allocations. As a result, Xbox Series S games will make the most of the console's recent memory enhancements. And the best thing is that it will not negatively affect graphics performance. The new software development kit has been designed to improve the likelihood that game memory will be increased. In a recent video, it was demonstrated how doing so will enhance the game's performance and provide the developers greater freedom to achieve better performance.