january playstation plusThe new PlayStation Plus lineup for January of 2015 has now been announced, and it looks as if gamers will be able to treat themselves to a nice library of free games throughout the month across all current Sony consoles.

It was already confirmed last month that the PS4 lineup for January would include the standalone DLC for Infamous: Second Son, as well as The Swapper. For those unaware, Infamous is one of the more popular action series exclusive to the PlayStation, and Second Son was held as one of the best PS4 games of 2014.

A little later, Infamous developers, Sucker Punch Productions, released a standalone DLC for Second Son called Infamous: Last Light - this small story based DLC gave players a taste of what the full game was like, as well as expanding on the Second Son story for those that had already played the game.

The Swapper is another interesting game, and it will be made available across all platforms via Cross-Buy this month.

As for the PS Vita and the PlayStation 3 - Sony's handheld console will be treated to free copies of Whoa Dave!, a great retro arcade game, and Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition. If you live in Germany, your free copy of Duke Nukem will be replaced with a much more family-friendly Gravity Clash Ultra.

PlayStation 3 PS Plus subscribers will be gifted with Prototype 2 and DuckTales Remastered, both of which are pretty awesome games so we'd definitely suggest checking those two out if you haven't played them already.