John Takeuchi is a Street Fighter player that came into the spotlight from out of nowhere. Now, Takeuchi is reaching his next from support from the /r/kappa subreddit again.

r/kappa is a subreddit on the website reddit which is filled with a community of dedicated Street Fighter fans. The community has often come together to fund trips for different players in the past and recently they have taken it upon themselves to 'sponsor' John Takeuchi.

The last event that the community at /r/kappa funded for John Takeuchi was the 2016 First attack tournament. Takeuchi took the funding honorably, absolutely smashed the competition and came out on top with a victorious win against GO1 in two best of three series in the grand finals.

Now that John Takeuchi has landed back on home turf, the /Kappa crowd are looking to fund John Takeuchi again. This time, Takeuchi needs $950 to get to The Fall Classic 2016 event in Raleigh, North Carolina. With Takeuchi being on the other side of the world, transport can be expensive but it’s clear that the /r/kappa crew have got his back.

One thing that makes John Takeuchi's story even more amazing is that he solely plays Rashid, a fighter that many players would have turned their nose up in the past. Rashid has had his victory in the past, but it's been a long time since any Rashid player has ever competed at a high level. The way Takeuchi plays Rashid is absolutely fascinating to watch and we cannot wait to see him take Rashid through the Fall Classic in North Carolina later this year.