Evil Controller News - E3 2009 - Justin Wong Sets World Record

Evil Controllers, a family owned company that produces and sells custom and modded Xbox 360 trigger rapid fire controllers, was recently on hand at E3 2009 to experience all the excitement and also let people know about their products. They wanted to bring a little extra to E3, and decided to have professional video game player Justin Wong at their booth for a little Street Fighter showdown against anyone and everyone.

Wong was able to set a world record at this year's E3 with a 300 win streak while playing Street Fighter IV against E3 visitors. There was no charge to play and each contestant was entered into a raffle for an Xbox 360 Elite. The successful attempt by Wong was recorded by Twin Galaxies, who are official gaming record keepers. The record was previously held by Zak Bennett, with 108 consecutive wins.

Evil Controllers donated a can of food to Saint Mary's Food Bank Alliance (a local food bank) for each and every win that Wong racked up. The Tempe Arizona based company knows that there are people out there who need a little help - whether it's with video games and gaining an edge or with something simple like getting enough food to eat every day. And this was a way for them to show they could help with both.

"When we realized how many people were expected to attend E3 this year, Justin and I saw this as the perfect opportunity for Evil to do some good in the world," said Jonah Coe, Director of Operations at the company.

Evil Controllers was able to achieve that goal at this year's E3. The company didn't let their giving mood stop there. Every person who challenged Wong during E3 were entered into a raffle for a red Xbox 360 Elite. This helped draw a lot of people to the booth and caused a bit of excitement at the convention.

Although there was only one winner who took home the Xbox 360 Elite, everyone else was able to take a look at the Evil Sticks, a recently introduced ergonomic thumbsticks controller for the Xbox 360. Other custom and modded video game controllers were on display as well. Add to that legendary gamer Justin Wong, and you had a booth that managed to generate a little buzz and energy, even in such a large sea of excitement.