Rovio and South Korea's National Police Agency Team Up To Fight School Violence

On February 21, the Korean National Police Agency and Rovio Entertainment came together and announced the use of the Angry Birds franchise as a method to campaign against school violence in South Korea, a growing problem in the country. The agency is hoping to take advantage of Angry Birds' popularity to be used at prevention and public relation centers.

Henri Holm, senior vice president of Rovio Asia, expressed his pleasure in using Angry Birds as a means to help solve Korea's juvenile social problems. Stated, that the use of the imagery can be made to make a clear and progressive statement against violence. This move is to connect the police agency with a message of non-violence and to help students get back on right track at schools across the country.

While it is weird that they are using a franchise called Angry Birds (the popular game where birds are flung to destroy the crudely made houses of pigs and monkeys), I'm guessing popularity could be used to promote a very positive message. It has worked over here in America during the nineties with various cartoon characters.