Evil Ambassador Copiozo's thoughts on LA Noire.

LA Noire takes you back to 1947 Los Angeles, the second War has ended and you're Cole Phelps, a new cop with a decorated war record trying to right the wrongs of his past and then-present time LA. He starts out from the bottom and work his way to the top.

This is not your typical Rockstar game. And frankly, I love that. A breath of fresh air of stealing cars and running over pedestrians to make a faster path to whatever GTA-esque crime event you have to do. Being a boy in blue means you have to behave well. So that means no running over pedestrians or even a lamp post (it will effect your end results).

This isn't any run of the mill Rockstar game. They really went all out to differentiate itself from other titles. The first notable feature is the technology they used to mimic facial expressions, which is a factor to figuring out cases. People can be lying or telling the truth by studying their faces during interviews (such as their eye movement or their mouth movements). To me, it was making me think more and making use of that class in college where we studied body language.

I really love the setting and how Rockstar took the time and effort to recreate 1947 California. They discuss the social and political problems of the time and the atmosphere of what it was like back then. This all adds the beautifully written story that is laid out to you with a lot of twists and surprises.

Gameplay-wise, don't except a full action game. Cole may have to pull out his firearm, but only when the game mandates it (during a specific time during a main story case or an optional side case). He will exchange fisticuffs with some rough resistance to the law but it isn't that hard.

In the end, looks like Rockstar did it again. Last year they wow'd us in the old west with Red Dead Redemption, this year they wow'd us in the 1940s with LA Noire. I recommend picking this up.