titanfall web series

No matter how hard one might try, it seems almost impossible to get a good TV series of a popular video game up and running. We've all wanted a Halo movie for years, and despite all of the great live action content we've been given, the best we've got is a web series.

The Defiance series on the SyFy channel took a bold step, but it didn't gain enough traction to get off the ground, so perhaps all video game based live action content will always be confined to the internet, instead of in the cinema or on the home TV.

Whilst this isn't the best situation for any would-be video game/movie crossover fans, it does still mean we can get some pretty legit web series' released, and one of these series may even be backed by the Titanfall team.

Although details are still quite minimal, it seems that Respawn have teamed up with Playfight to create some kind of live action series that will air on the internet. It'll be interesting to see how well developed this series will be, and it will also be interesting to see how far Respawn have thought about the lore of their game, despite the upcoming FPS title focusing majorly on repeated multiplayer combat instances.

A teaser trailer will be released later today at yourtitanisready.com to reveal all. Or, at least, it should reveal something about the live action series.