London's Philharmonic Orchestra To Release An Album of Assorted Video Game Music Tracks

I love music, a various mix of them. However, I probably love video game music the most. Without epic music in video games that were conducted by such geniuses like Nobou Uematsu (the composer for most of Square-Enix's music) and Hans Zimmer (the composer famous for Modern Warfare 2's soundtrack), games wouldn't be the same. This past summer, I missed the opportunity of hearing Nobou Uematsu conduct with the BaltimoreSymphony Orchestra on their Baltimore stop of the Distant Worlds tour. I regret not gracing my ears with such masterpiece renditions of "One Winged Angel" and "Balamb Garden".

Which brings me to this point. The London Philharmonic has a significant history of performing video game music and other variations of music in their classical style. Well reported here on Joystiq, the London-based orchestra will be releasing an album of their best performances of video game music. The album covers a variety of music tracks from games likeSuper Mario, Angry Birds, Modern Warfare and many others..

I for one, will be buying this album when it is released on November 8th.