Any news of new IP these days in the gaming industry is always good news, and when it sounds like a good IP, it's even better. Lord of the Fallen, a new Action RPG currently being developed by CI games certainly sounds like something news worthy, and it is scheduled to hit the PlayStation 4.

The game has been stated as being a hardcore action RPG with advanced combat systems and robust skill trees.

The game will take place in a fantasy world in a time where the Gods have failed mankind. Players will control a human named Harkyn as he sets out on a quest to stop the Gods from destroying mankind. The game is being designed to make sure that players find it meaningful to travel across the whole world, and as they do, they will be greeted with many different challenges.

"Our team is building Lords of the Fallen specifically for players who enjoy taking on huge challenges, where the odds are stacked against them," said Tomasz Gop, executive producer, CI Games. From the very beginning, Lords of the Fallen will intrigue and satisfy players' hunger to explore each corner of a brand new world, freely customize and build their own character and take down some of the most epic enemies ever seen."

More will be shown about Lords of the Fallen at this year's E3, where gamers will get the chance to play playable demos of the game.