Medal of Honor is Coming Back in VR

The Medal of Honor series is being brought back to the video game industry, as EA subsidiary Respawn announced an upcoming VR game based on the property.

The game will be coming exclusively to the Oculus platform in 2020 and was shown at Oculus Connect 6 on September 25th. The title will be called Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond and will be focused on World War II, delivering a first-person perspective as you battle Nazis in Occupied Europe.

Above and Beyond is being designed by Peter Hirschmann, who produced the original 1999 game that came to the PlayStation. The game was a hit, featuring a story by filmmaker Steven Spielberg, and harkened back to war films of the period such as Saving Private Ryan.

This game will have an educational aspect to it, as there will be interviews held with veterans of the war, giving insight into the different experiences that players will partake in. In addition to gameplay, there will also be 360 video footage showing set pieces, and the developer is working with the Library of Congress to upscale footage.

While the game will be historically accurate, it will still be playable for all gamers. Controls will be simplified to allow guns to clip to your belt, and the game will be a bit forgiving in some areas.

Speaking about the game Hirschmann said, “We’re trying to make the most authentic World War II game possible. That does not mean we’re trying to make the most realistic one.”

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond will be available next year exclusively on the Rift and Quest platforms.