metal gear solid v map sizeLast month, Hideo Kojima posted up a range of different screenshots portraying one of the maps planned to be in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and weeks later, we've been able to work out just how large the world will be, thanks to some analysis carried about by a Reddit user.

The original map was darkened, but with a few tweaks to the white balance, the map could then be revealed more clearly. On the edited map, roads can be seen connecting the entire world together. Whilst the map does show the scale of the world, it doesn't explain how large it will really feel to the player, but to put it into perspective, Reddit users have taken areas from gameplay trailers and events and correlated them with places on the map to piece together the size of the world.

If the image, which can be seen above is proven to be correct, then there's no guessing just how huge The Phantom Pain will feel. One thing's for sure and that's the world in Metal Gear Solid will be absolutely huge, and it will certainly rival many other large open worlds created for other games like Grand Theft Auto V or Just Cause 2.

To make things even more exciting, Kojima has mentioned in the past that there would be multiple maps in Metal Gear Solid V, and the one being shown today is just one of them.