Rockstar's new trailer certainly has created a buzz this week, and it seems that even gaming industry legends like Hideo Kojima feel the need to comment on the amazing new Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay shown off.

Hideo Kojima, lead producer, game designer and director of the Metal Gear Solid video game series has taken to Twitter to express his awe for the brand new Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer.

Hideo Kojima said in two tweets that "GTA V" new trailer was awesome! This free control is future of the game, way higher than anywhere, makes me depress as matter fact. "I don't think our "V" can reach that level. Rockstar's team are the best. W/o question they will pull up the possibility of game."

Kojima has already previously been seen praising other Rockstar games like Red Dead Redemption, but he is certainly very impressed with what the Rockstar crew have managed to pull off this time round. Both Metal Gear Solid V and Grand Theft Auto V look to be some of the best games this generation, and I personally cannot wait for both of these amazing titles.