One thing that Microsoft couldn't boast enough at this year's E3 was 'the power of the cloud.' Matchmaking, stats and other player and game information could now be computed in the cloud, on Microsoft's own servers.

According to Microsoft this meant the Xbox One could be even more powerful as it didn't need to compute these things itself. It also opened up windows for new technologies such as the Forza 5 Drivatar AI.

However, Sony has said that the new PlayStation 4 can also harness the power of the cloud as well. Shuhei Yoshida made a statement saying "Linking, matchmaking, there are already many computations being done on the cloud side, if your title needs an online connection to provide some online features: Go for it."

So is Microsoft's hyped 'power of the cloud' nothing that special? Microsoft has managed to make good use of it with Forza's Drivatar, and hopefully we'll see more good uses in the future.