New Halo 4 Details

Halo 4 comes out later this year and it's definitely one of those games that everyone in the office is excited to play.

Microsoft recently revealed the following tidbits regarding Halo 4:

1)Halo 4 will feature weekly multiplayer episodes with brand new original content.
2)Halo 4 will have a unique competitive Multiplayer Mode called "War Games."
3)The Halo 4 Limited Edition release comes with 3 map packs and is priced at $100.

According to Microsoft the weekly multiplayer episodes will go under the title of "Spartan Ops" and will be 100% free. While the multiplayer map packs will of course cost additional Microsoft points, each map pack consists of 3 maps. So in total the limited edition comes with 9 additional maps. Definitely worth it if you know you will be playing online for months to come.

You can expect Evil to release more Halo mods to give your copy of Halo 4 additional mileage.

Source: Kotaku