Last week during E3, Microsoft showcased their newest tech to compete with Nintendo's Wii U and Sony's PS3 and PS Vita interconnectivity.

SmartGlass was revealed and is an app for phones and tablet devices that turns them into a secondary screen for your Xbox 360. While game developers may be working on interesting ways to incorporate this new technology it also turns your tablet or phone into an excellent media companion. Microsoft provided an example of how it could be used on non-gaming experiences. The example they used was using Smartglass on your tablet while you enjoy an episode of Game of Thrones. The app could identify which episode you're watching and could sync with your particular position in the show to give you additional information on characters and the physical location the characters are in within the universe.

In addition to being an additional display in our favorite games it can also function as a multiple purpose controller to allow you to use your Xbox as a computer and more easily navigate and use Internet Explorer on your Xbox.

It will take a few months before we see anything compelling in the game space regarding this tech, but is it something you're excited to see or are you ready for an Xbox 720 and the new generation of games?