Notch earns $101 Million

The success from Minecraft has been outstanding, and no one quite expected an indie developer like Mojang to score so big and compete in sales with big budget games backed by multi-billion dollar publishers, but no one person has been more pleasantly surprised than Notch, the founding developer of Minecraft.

Notch, or Markus Persson, has managed to score $101 million in 2012 from the super successful Minecraft, bringing in chart topping sales from PC, Xbox, iOS and Android. This big cash sum is also separate from other money given to other members of the indie developer Mojang, and this $101 million dollar sum has gone straight to Notch himself.

When asked what he'd do with this money on Reddit, Notch expressed his amount of shock for the huge amount of success the game had reached, but he is extremely happy for it, and rightly so.

Notch has given a little detail into what he'd spend the money on within the Reddit post, highlighting family and issues in society. "I think the right way to use money like this is to set a decent portion aside to make sure my family is comfortable, spend some on living out your dreams, and then try to put the rest towards making society a better place."

"For me, this includes charities that help children, and charities that help promote freedoms I think are vital in the coming dozens of years, such as the EFF."

$101 million can go a long way, and it seems as if Notch's heart is in the right place, and he will be spending it wisely.

Mojang has already given details on two new games: Scrolls, and 0x10c, and it's likely that we'll hear more about these in the future.

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