Gears of War 3

Since the release of the first Gears of War (Mad World) trailer came out, I thought that it couldnt ever be matched. Yet, when the trailer Ashes to Ashes for Gears of War 3 released over a year ago we all just sat in amazement. However, that was not the only thing that got me excited about Gears of War 3.

If you dont know by now, I love when female characters can kick butt. Among the masses of strong and heroic men in the Gears of War series there has only been one woman who has managed to make it into the spotlight. Her name is Anya Stroud. She has been on the frontline and stood her ground as the only main female so far. However, that is all about to change.

I am happy to say that now there is a new addition to the females of the Gears of War series. In Gears of War 3 they will be introducing yet another woman. Her name is Samantha Byrne. She is said to be pretty straight forward, aggressive and exceptionally risky. It seems like she thinks she has something to prove to the other male Gears. So be ready to see some crazy times from this girl.

I cant wait to see both of the female characters in action. It makes me even more excited to play it. With the release date right around the corner, I still cant seem to hold in my excitement for that long! After being pushed back I am sure I am not the only one itching to play this game!

Game Hard. Game Evil.