new darksidersCrytek have been undergoing a lot of pressure recently, but the former CEO for the USA division of the company, David Adams, has revealed plans to keep marching on through the video games industry.

David Adams has recently established a new independent development studio by the name of Gunfire Games, and with various assets acquired at Crytek, we may even see some familiar franchises being revived from the newly formed Gunfire Games.

At this point in time, everything is still early days though, especially considering Adams only left Crytek just three weeks ago amidst claims about Crytek's financial troubles.

If Gunfire Games grows into a fully fledged development studio, Adams has revealed that they have put some consideration into working on a new Darksiders title, and would think more about creating a game within the franchise. Gunfire Games have already approached Nordic Games, the owner and publisher of the franchise IP, so we may be hearing more about Darksiders in the near future.

It's important to note that everything is til in idea phase at this point. David Adams himself stated, "That is one of the options we are exploring," when asked about a new Darksiders game. "But we don't want to jump into something immediately. We want to weigh our options.

Nordic Games has already revealed that they are currently looking for a creative team to take the reigns of the Darksiders franchise in the future, so it's very likely something will come of the series in the future, whether it's from Gunfire Games or not.