Free-to-play has slowly dripped into the world of consoles and games like World of Tanks, Planetside 2 and Blacklight Retribution will be making their way there soon.

Console ports from the PC aren't the only free to play titles making it into the console scene either- Ace Combat Infinity is a new game in the flight action series that will be available to PSN users on the PlayStation 3 and will be free to play.

Capcom has released a second trailer for Ace Combat Infinity, highlighting the "wealth of free to play features," including a new story campaign and team co-op multiplayer that gets players of 8 split into two teams each with an objective to try and score more damage on the enemies than the other team.

The trailer is only a minute long cinematic, so it'd be nice to see some proper gameplay in the future.

Capcom also hasn't discussed what features will be available for free and what features players will have to pay for.