As expected, Microsoft has sent out a Beta dashboard update to their Xbox 360 consoles that will change gamers experiences worldwide. The new change will remove the Microsoft Points system from the system entirely and replace it with real-money purchases.

For example, instead of having to purchase Microsoft Points for money and then spending money on games or downloadable content, players will now be able to go straight to buying the content they want with their own money.

At first, this update sounded like a nice change to the Xbox market. One reason being that Xbox 360 owners would no longer need to "overspend" to buy the content they want. For example, most DLC packages were priced at 800 Microsoft Points, but instead of being able to simply buy 800 Microsoft Points, Xbox 360 owners would have to buy the package closest to 800 Points which at the time was a 1000 point bundle.

The problem with the update though is that a lot of games seem to be even more expensive than it was when using the MSP system.

This seems to be a UK-only problem currently, with 360 owners in the UK saying that the price increases are almost 33%.

For example, 400 MSP games now cost (In pounds) 4.49, but 400 MSP used to cost 3.33, and 1600 MSP games now cost 14.99, instead of costing 13.33 when available for MSP.

Microsoft has made a statement, stating that the problem was an "unintended error" but with Microsoft's recent try with the no DRM Xbox One and their back-tracking.