New Bully Contract

Previous whisperings and rumors suggested that Take Two knew about a new Rockstar game that would continue a previously created franchise, and we speculated that it may be a new Bully game.

A new bit of information seems to hint that a new Bully game is coming, and this could mean we have a next gen Bully game in the works.

Although no announcements have been made, Take Two, the publisher backing Rockstar, have filed a new trademark with the name "Bully Bullworth Academy: Canis Canem Edit."

Although neither Take Two nor Rockstar have made comments on the trademark filing, it's pretty clear at this point that some kind of new Bully experience is coming, and when putting two pieces of the puzzle together, it makes sense that Bully Bullworth Academy will be a brand new game in the Bully franchise.

This trademark name has been filed for Europe, however a United States filing has not taken place due to there being similarities with another trademark name, Bully in a Box.

It's likely that after Rockstar Vancouver wrapped up with Max Payne 3, they got straight to work on the new Bully Bullworth Academy game, so it could be possible that the game could be released for last generation consoles, but hopefully we’ll see the new Bully game on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 too.

Right now, we also have no idea just how long it will take Rockstar Vancouver to release the game, but we'll keep you updated on any news or announcements that may take place.