destiny class gameplayBungie has just released a 7 minute long gameplay video of Destiny, showcasing real in-game footage of the title, and it's certainly got some gamers hyped.

At first look, the similarities between Bungie's previous game series, Halo, and Destiny can be easily spotted. The overall experience that we've come to love was never a Halo experience, it was a Bungie experience.

The new gameplay video is filled with the same cinematic backgrounds every Halo game has been renowned for, and the overall world design feels very reminiscent of various scenes from the Halo universe. Even the overall AI combat system in Destiny feels slightly similar to a firefight between a group of Elites and Grunts, and despite these similarities, Destiny has enough to spark curiosity among gamers.

If you were to sum up Destiny in as small amount of words as possible, I think it would be best described as a Borderlands-Halo hybrid - the beauty of Bungie is still around every corner, but it's filled with progressive leveling, unlockable abilities and gear worth fighting for, making it a game focused on your own story, whilst lightly touching on the lore of the land as it is explored.

It is of course a game that is centered around co-operative interactions, and whilst it is far from being an MMO, Destiny does offer an immersive world that you and your friends can explore together. It will be interesting to see what kind of reception Destiny gets upon it's launch later this year.

You can check the gameplay video out here.