Need for Speed UpdateA brand new update for the new Need for Speed reboot has been released onto live servers. The new update has been dubbed 'Legends' and it's available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The new update includes a wide variety of free content such as new cars, new music and new collectibles. The REP level has also been increased - players can now reach 70 REP instead of the previous 60 REP. Reaching each of the 10 REP levels after 60 REP will reward players with a new decal.

On top of the new decals, a number of new cars have been added as part of the Legends update and three new achievements/trophies have been added. Below the achievement names and criteria have been listed. The Xbox One achievements are the same as the PS4 trophies.

Zero to hero - Win a race while driving Eddie's car

Eddie is back - Win Eddie's progression

Hit the ceiling - Get to REP level 70

As you can guess from the achievement criteria above, Eddie has been added as a new Legend. This is the same Eddie that starred as the protagonist in Need for Speed: Underground.

+ Below the patch notes have been posted.

+ New Legend: Eddie, the main antagonist from Need for Speed Underground

+ Customization Items: 113 new items, spread across six cars that we felt needed some love in the visual customization department.

+ Cars: Dodge Challenger SRT8, Ford Mustang 1965, Honda Civic Type-R, Lotus Exige S, Volkswagen Golf GTI, Volvo 242.

+ New wraps from Underground, Underground 2, Carbon, Pro Street and Most Wanted.

+ 19 new music tracks.

+ Over 200 new decals.