New Half-Life Game Coming

After fifteen years of radio silence, Valve is launching a new Half-Life game, as Half-Life: Alyx is coming to PC VR platforms.

The game’s details are yet to be fully unveiled, as Valve will be making more details known at the Video Game Awards 2019 show. The title will be a full-length VR title, with the game serving as a prequel to Half-Life 2, which came out in 2004.

Alyx was a character in Half-Life 2, where she led the resistance as a former Black Mesa scientist. Her role in the new game isn’t known yet, but we can anticipate that it’ll be a first-person shooter style game.

Valve has been serious about working in VR, as they helped put out the HTC Vive headset as well as the new Valve Index. We’d think that the game would be exclusive to those headsets, but can’t confirm anything until we get those firm details. Still, owners of the Oculus Rift may not want to hold their breath on this one.

We’re definitely geeked to return to the world of Half-Life, which has proven to be a popular series over the years. The first game launched in 1998 and became a phenomenon, as players loved the story, setting, and helped spawn the Counter-Strike franchise, which started as a mod in the game.

Without a doubt, we’ll be filling players in more as we get word.