New Injustice 2 Update Brings Superman Premier Skin

A brand new update for Injustice 2 has landed and it brings a new Superman skin into the game.

The new Superman skin is called the Bizarro Superman and it is a premier skin.

The trademark feature of the Bizarro Superman skin is the reversed 'S' on his chest. The character also looks zombified in many ways and has bright blue laser eyes. You can see an example of the skin's appearance in the image above.

Some of the moves on the new Bizarro Superman skin have changed when compared to the standard Superman. For example, one move will now burn opponents instead of freezing them. His laser beam attack now produces icy, cold damage instead of red, hot solar damage.

The Super ability of the Bizarro Superman skin remains the same as the standard Superman, but there are a number of other small changes to some other skills that are available to both Superman and Bizarro Superman.

The Bizarro Superman also has new voice lines. The lines include things like "You Bizarro new best friend," "Bizarro need not worst friend," and "Why am you so polite!?"

While Bizarro Superman's ability to speak may not be the best, his ability to pummel enemies is certainly up with the best.

The new Bizarro Superman skin was introduced in an update that predates the upcoming new character DLC, which will introduce Starfire to Injustice 2.

What are your thoughts on the new Bizarro Superman skin? Leave your thoughts below!