Master Chief Collection April UpdateSome new playlist changes have gone ahead in anticipation for the launch of the April update for The Master Chief Collection. The playlist changes include the introduction of Team Doubles, as well as a few other changes across the board.

Team Doubles is a pretty popular playlist that has been around since Halo 2, and it includes a variety of different game modes that can be played with 2 players on each team. The new Team Doubles playlist in The Master Chief Collection will include Halo 2 Classic, Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3 and Halo 4 maps.

Other changes include small tweaks to team sizes. For example, Combat Evolved team games now have 2 players on each team, instead of 2-3 players. 343 Industries have also been clear about their playlist plans for the future. The development team has revealed that they would like to add more playlists that give players a battle rifle at the start of the game, and they've expressed their interest in more team objective style playlists.

The new objective playlists are expected to include game types like Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Territories and Assault. Whilst there is no planned date for the objective playlists, it would not be surprising to see it in the game before the end of April.

343 Industries is also putting the final touches and testing into the April update for The Master Chief Collection. This month's update will focus on some big game improvements as well as a penalty system for quitting players.