new master chief collection updateWhen the Master Chief Collection launched for the Xbox One, plenty of Halo fans were left devastated. Whilst 343 Industries did a spectacular job at delivering the new remastered content and graphics for the Master Chief Collection, it's online servers were plagued with problems, and most players had to week at least a week before they could play online properly.

Even then, there will still bugs, glitches and server problems, and most of the playlists were not even implemented at this point. Fortunately, 343 Industries have slowly been rolling out new fixes and extra content for the multiplayer portion of the Master Chief Collection, and this latest patch sees some much needed tweaks to the game bundle.

When you next get into the Master Chief Collection, a download will start for the newest update for the game. This new content patch has been focused exclusively on matchmaking online, and it's main feature adds new team balancing mechanics to the game.

343 Industries spoke a little about the new update, saying that "while this update will improve team balance issues, we do not expect it to fully resolve uneven teams."

As well as working on team balancing, the new update should help the matchmaking experience to be faster, smoother and ultimately more convenient for those wanting to play multiplayer online.

Next week, another patch will be applied to the Master Chief Collection that will add even more team balancing tweaks to the game, so hopefully matchmaking will be all in working condition just in time for Christmas.