It seems a little strange to bring any new current generation console models to the market, especially with Nintendo releasing their next-gen Wii U later this year and rumors around big next-gen reveals at E3 2013. But Sony still has some left over cards to play for their PS3, and on September 25th, Sony released the previously announced slimmer PS3 models.

So what do these models consist of and why would they be a better buy for veteran or casual PS3 gamers alike?

Well for most, the main attraction will be the slimmer, sleeker design, and footage has proved that the claims from Sony including a 20% decrease in size and 25% decrease in weight, are in fact true, and the PS3 has never looked so attractive.

Other than the main parameter change, there will be two mainstream models which will include a huge 250GB or 500GB HDD, which compared to the previous model's 160GB and 320GB hard drive space, we are seeing a huge increase.

The Disk drive will also feature an upgrade, and you can watch it in action at Sony's official unboxing here.

Both the 250GB and 500GB bundle will come packed with Uncharted 3, A voucher for Sony's upcoming exclusive title, Dust 514, and of course a 30-day free membership of PlayStation plus.

The 250GB model has been released ahead of the 500GB model, and will cost only $269.

If you already have a PS3 then you will want to check out our new modded controller, the PS3 Rapid Fire v2.


Written by Ollie Green