New Street Fighter V DLC Character Revealed

The next DLC character for Street Fighter V has now been revealed. Learn more about the new character coming to SFV in this article.

The new character coming to Street Fighter V as part of a new DLC pack is Abigail.

Abigail is a bulky character that was first introduced to Street Fighter players back in 1989 in Final Fight, an arcade title set in the same universe as the Street Fighter franchise.

Despite appearing such a long time ago, Abigail has not been in a Street Fighter game since. In that regards, Abigail is essentially a new character to make their way into SFV.

In Final Fight, Abigail's fighting style focuses on brute force and heavy-handed attacks, as opposed to finesse and well-timed punches. If players leave their guard down, Abigail will be able to pick up his opponents and throw them around like toys.

It looks as if Abigail will be more balanced out in Street Fighter V - this means he'll have a little more mobility than other bulky fighters, such as Hugo.

If you already have the Street Fighter V Season 2 character pass, you'll be able to pick up Abigail for free. If you don't have the pass, you'll be able to purchase him separately. So far, a price tag hasn't been announced.

Abigail will be introduced to Street Fighter V on July 25, alongside two new retro costumes and a brand new stage called Suzaku Castle.