Street Fighter Update


Street Fighter X Tekken's community manager has taken to twitter to hype up the upcoming v2013 patch, giving details on content we may not have expected.

Community manager David Hinds has said that the new changes from the patch could make SFxT feel like a completely new game.

Although not many details have been given on what to expect from the v2013 patch, Hinds has given a bit of information on what sounds like a huge change in the combat mechanics of SFxT

"It's not just a rebalance, the mind games and pace of the game feels a lot different. Not only are the characters capable of new things, but also the players, enabling new strategies and faster paced matches."

Hinds seems to be directly quoting the combat system above, so although Street Fighter X Tekken may not look like a new game after x2013, it's as if Capcom wanted to make it feel like a new game, and most new in-game features will probably reflect this.

Hinds has also stated that the time over issue has been addressed, and it's probable that a lot more fixes will be addressed along with the new patch.

A bigger announcement will be brought out before the end of the year, and we'll most likely see a release for the patch shortly after. The patch will be readily available for consoles and the PS Vita without any delay between platforms.