Dead or Alive DLC


Since Dead or Alive 5's release, there have been constant DLC pack releases for the title. Unfortunately for some, most of these packs consist of nothing other than extra costumes for the characters within the game. If you do like being able to have more choice available in your virtual DoA wardrobe, then the new Santa pack 2 may appeal to you.

The new Santa pack actually comes in three different collections so that you can choose the characters you'd want most to wear the outfit, and not have to worry about spending the whole cost to get the costume available for all characters.

The new costume seems pretty generic for all characters, and whilst the male version varies slightly from the female version, both costumes remain the same regardless of the character wearing it.

The Christmas packs are a little confusing, so if you want to find a pack for a specific character, or find the best value to get hold of all costumes, here's how they are separated.

Nice Girls 2: Kokoro, Helena and Sarah - 240 Microsoft Points

Naughty Girls 2: Mila, Lisa and Pai - 240 Microsoft Points

Lil' Santas 2: Zack, Eliot, Brad, Gen Fu, Rig and Mr Strong - 240 Microsoft Points


Or if you would like, there are full collections for both the Santa 1 packs and Santa 2 packs, available for all characters at 640 Microsoft Points or PSN's equivalent.

Do you think it's worth spending money on extra costumes in game? And How about the fact that getting costumes for all female characters will end up costing you twice as much more as getting the costumes for the male characters. These new costumes seem to be targeted at one particular audience, but would you buy them regardless?

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