New Summer Overwatch Skins Released

The new Overwatch Summer 2017 season has begun, and it has brought a number of summer themed skins to the game. These new skins are available in the game right now, alongside some other summer themed content.

The new Summer Overwatch 2017 skins are perhaps the most colorful skins yet. Soldier: 76 is the first on the list to receive a new summer skin; he's got a red Hawaiian shirt on and a new 'A-Salt' Rifle for his primary weapon.

Mercy has been transformed into a Greek goddess with her new 'Nike goddess' skin. Reaper is ready to hit some sick flips in his new BMX biker themed skin. Next up in the list is Widowmaker, who's received a classy bikini skin.

Sombra is getting a summer snorkeling outfit. Junkrat has been given a Cricket suit, and McCree is given a lifeguard outfit.

The new Summer Skins and Summer features are available right now. They'll remain in the game until August 29.

You'll also be able to use this month as a chance to get the skins that were released for Overwatch last Summer. The skins from last year are also now available at a reduced price, so make sure to jump on that deal to get cheaper skins for Lucio, Tracer and more.

If the Overwatch 2017 Summer season isn't exciting enough, Lucioball has also made a return. If you want a break from ranked play on Overwatch, Lucioball is the perfect place to do it. This game mode is without a doubt one of the most fun game modes to make its way into Overwatch so far.