uncharted 4 releaseYou may be getting a little tired with hearing leaks and rumors from "insiders" instead of actual official news from the developers behind the games they are supposedly involved with, but you do end up picking up bits of information from these "insiders" that developers aren't quite ready to share yet.

According to Tidux, a pretty well known profile when it comes to game industry leaks, the next Uncharted game will be "darker" than previous games when it comes to the story line. Uncharted 4 will also have more of a focus on the story than previous games in the franchise, suggesting that it will take a delve into the hearts of some of the characters in the series.

Tidux also mentioned that despite the game having a more story-driven experience, Uncharted 4 will be "blended with some awesome epic moments," suggesting that the game will still have just as many action packed moments as previous games in the series.

Tidux's final comment on Uncharted 4 is that the game will be "bananas, simply bananas." This really doesn't say that much, but it certainly gets me pretty hyped for the game. Perhaps there will be some kind of monkey them to Uncharted 4, or maybe I'm just reading into his information a little too far.

Uncharted has been an iconic franchise for the PlayStation 3, so I cannot wait to hear more about the next game in the series. Hopefully we'll hear something about it at this year's E3.