Call of Duty: Ghosts will be the first game in the franchise to include the ability to lean round corners. This feature has been present in many other FPS games including the Battlefield series for some time now, so it's nice to see it finally make its way into Call of Duty.

There is currently one problem with the leaning glitch, and this has been pointed out by a Vine video showing the leaning ability in action.

The Vine video shows one player leaning out of cover, however from another player's view, the player cannot be seen leaning out at all.

Despite the player that is leaning out of cover being able to see past the cover clearly and take shots at other players, others cannot see or even shoot the player.

This problem seems to be due to an animation not playing for the character when a player goes to lean, and it shouldn't be a very easy problem to fix.

In fact, Infinity Ward's Tina Palacios sent out a tweet on twitter to completely dispel the issue-

"Nice footage of a stolen game that isn't supporting our work. That is going to be fixed in TU1."

I'm in two minds about the Vine video and the person that recorded it and uploaded it to the internet. Whilst it's true that piracy is damaging and unsupportive towards developers, if it wasn't for this Vine video, a lot of people would be abusing this glitch while Infinity Ward worked on fixing it.

Thanks to this video, we should now have this bug fixed as soon as the game is launched through a day one title update.