New Xbox One Update to Feature Tournaments and More

A big update for Xbox One is on its way and it's going to add a few new features to the current user experience.

One of the biggest features will appeal to esports fans and competitive players on the Xbox platform. ESL has partnered with Xbox to create the Arena. The Arena will be a brand new way for competitive players and teams to find upcoming tournaments and esports events to attend.

With the built-in Arena tools, teams will be able to sign up for tournaments, take part, and see match fixtures live from within the Arena app. To begin with, Arena will be hosting a number of ESL-backed World of Tanks tournaments. Arena is expected to include tournaments for more games in the future as well.

Another milestone feature included in the next Xbox One update will be custom Gamertag pictures. Ever since the early days of the Xbox 360, Gamertags pictures have been limited to those that have been unlocked from playing games or those purchased through the Xbox Games Store.

Starting with the upcoming Xbox One patch, players will be able to upload images from their phone or PC and use it as their custom Gamertag picture.

The new Xbox One update will bring a number of other changes as well, alongside a number of bug fixes. For example, Xbox One users that are accessing Wi-Fi via a network that requires user sign-in can now be used on the Xbox One without complication.