New Call of Duty- Neversoft

Apart from a few rumors saying it will release some time in 2013, haven't heard too much about the next Call of duty game, and that may be down to the bigger publishers focusing on getting a strong title out on the next-gen Xbox and PS4 before other competitors.

However, according to a leaked poster uploaded online, we may still be getting something Call of Duty-like this year anyway. The image shows a grainy figure who appears to be standing in the rain, with the date 11-11-13 centred in the middle of the image. Underneath the phrase 'Ready to Get Back to Basics?' Is shown.

For a second, let's imagine that this poster was confirmed as the real deal, what would that phrase mean exactly? It could be possible the game could be going back to the classic world war Call of Duty style games, or maybe the game follows a soldier-in-training. Either way could explain the phrase, however the reality is, this poster could be far from true.

One thing fishy about the poster is the release date, it would make more sense to release the game on 11-12-13, which is a Tuesday, a rather common day for Call of Duty release. A Monday release could happen, and one reason this may be is because the new rumored CoD game is under a different development team.

Information along with the image says that Neversoft are the developers working on the next Call of Duty game. At first, this does sound a little peculiar, but when you look at Activision's strong relationship with the developer over the years, it's clear that Neversoft would be Activision's first pick for a replacement whilst Treyarch and Infinity Ward work on next-gen titles.

Do you think this poster is real or fake? Does it make any sense for Neversoft to develop the next Call of Duty game? Be sure to drop by our Controller Creator and check out our modded xbox 360 controllers!