One of the true wonders of the next generation is the inclusion of games with absolutely no loading screens at all. The current generation of consoles suffered from long waiting times and boring pauses in game whilst we waited for new content to be loaded on-screen.

Dead Rising 3 will be one of the first games to truly show the awesomeness of having no loading times by having a huge open world zombie game, filled with various of items, vehicles and interactive scenery, and hundreds of zombies along with it.

No matter where you go in the world there will be absolutely no pauses in-game for loading screens, and you'll have a hard time looking for any freezes whilst the game tries to load new things such as when you enter a building filled with zombies.

Another thing that is cool is that the Dead Rising 3 art developers have worked hard to ensure you'll "never see the same building twice." Every texture in the game has been hand crafted, and there is no reuse of assets across the world, so you're not going to come across the exact same 24/7 garage 100 meters down the road.

Zombies are obviously a core component to Dead Rising 3 the Xbox One Exclusive. To mix things up, each and every zombie will be randomly generated and will randomly pick prebuilt hair styles, clothing, gorey areas and other features from a big pool of zombie parts.

This should make the zombies feel like individuals, and hopefully you won't come across zombie twins all that often.