No Meatboy on Wii due to Memory Limitations

Team Meat's creation will not be on Wii according to this Kotaku article, due to the fact that Super Meat Boy cannot wedge itself into the size limitations set for Nintendo's WiiWare software. Team Meat tried to get a publisher for a retail release, but they have confirmed that the Wii version will not be happening.

The original game of Super Meat Boy is over the 40 megabyte cap limit for WiiWare. It is possible to fit if there were sacrifices but Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenses (creators of the meat based game) stated that they do not find that acceptable at all (which is likely that the part that would be sacrificed would be the soundtrack). They tried for an option as a budget retail game but no third party interest was to be found.

While there won't be a Meat Boy on Wii, the creators are working on software with the video game giant.

So in this blogger's view, it seems that it stinks that Meat Boy won't be on my Wii. The controlls are simple enough and are logically fit for the Wii's remote (if played sideways like a classic NES controller, not with the nunchuck). I would have dusted off my Wii just for this game if it was on. I guess my Wii will still be stuck on playing Mad World and Naruto: Clash of the Ninja series.....sigh.