optic and pepsi brisk mate

In a huge new sponsorship deal, OpTic has teamed up with Pepsi to bring a brand new energy drink to the market. Aimed at gamers looking for the best fuel to power up their own game, the new drink is called Brisk Mate. The Mate in Brisk Mate is pronounced mah-tay and is based off of a South American leaf that is used in the drink that has the same pronunciation at the end of it's name. The drink is an iced tea that comes in a range of different flavors and also comes with a range of other benefits you'd hope to see in an energy drink.

The Brisk Mate drink has been described to give players a "smooth, energizing spark" and as well as using the sponsorship deal to showcase their new drink, Pepsi will allow the OpTic teams from different games to drink the drink at events - we'd expect there to be enough Brisk Mate to last the entire OpTic organisation for an entire lifetime.

Perhaps the coolest thing to come from the new sponsorship deal, at least for us viewers, is a number of paid-for events that Pepsi has forked out for. These events will feature a number of offline competitions for the OpTic members to take part in, the first of which was a paintball match and the second was go-karting. We're looking forward to seeing what OpTic and Pepsi do next, and we also are a little curious about how Pepsi's new drink will taste and whether it'll have a chance to compete against the big energy drink companies like Monster, Relentless, Rockstar and Red Bull.