Overkill's The Walking Dead Not Coming Until 2018

Anybody remember the announcement for Overkill's The Walking Dead game? It was quite some time ago, but it excited the entire gaming industry.

Unfortunately, Overkill's The Walking Dead has now been delayed even further and we're unlikely to see a release date until 2018. The estimated release window for the game has now been set for the second half of 2018 by the development team behind the project.

For those unaware, Overkill is the same team behind the popular Payday franchise. Payday 2 currently sits at roughly 10,000 peak concurrent users on Steam each day. Overkill hopes to create a game for The Walking Dead that incorporates co-op gameplay, storytelling, and robust level design that will help to heighten the game's replay value.

While the delay is bad news for those hoping to get their hands on a new The Walking Dead game, it shows the developers aren't stuck to any time restrictions, so the end product should hopefully be well polished and closer to their initial vision of the game.

Overkill have mentioned that they plan to share gameplay footage of their The Walking Dead game on Twitch this month, so there's certainly still something to look forward to from Overkill.

Are you still hyped for the Overkill's The Walking Dead game or have you lost your appetite for such a game after the long wait? We still can't wait for the game to reach launch day and we're excited to see what the upcoming gameplay footage will be like.