overwatch competitive mode changes

Blizzard has been constantly making improvements to the new competitive mode in Overwatch and in recent news it has been revealed that the developer will be changing the way players can pick characters in the new game mode.

In a future update, players will no longer be able to choose a character if another player on their team has already picked that character. This will stop players from creating teams filled with certain characters and it helps to smooth out and progress the meta of the game.

This rule will only apply to competitive mode so this means players can still create crazy team compositions in casual modes if they'd like to.

You may also be excited to hear that D.Va and Zenyatta will soon be getting much needed buffs. "There's been a lot of talk in the community about how D.Va and Zenyatta felt a little bit underpowered, so we're making changes to them. Zenyatta is getting a little more shields, and he goes a lot faster when he uses his Ultimate.

"D.Va's Defense Field, instead of clicking it and it lasting three or four seconds and having a long cooldown, it's now something where you can toggle it on and off and there's a meter that runs that."

In other news, it's been confirmed that the next new Overwatch character will be called Ana Amari and she will be a long ranged support style character. Hopefully the new changes to competitive mode, the D.VA and Zenyatta buffs and Ana Amari will all be added in a future patch.